Maud Laurent’s work

The drawings of Maud Laurent, visual artist, carry the intensity of the moment of their creation.

From stretched, tied, tensed bodies, emerges a strong expressiveness, the impact of which is reinforced through folding and tearing work on the paper. The sheet of paper itself fully participates in the emotional significance of each drawing.

It is this tight relationship between movement, line and paper, that breeds the strength of these images.

Diplomas and artistic training

2014 (April, November) 
Etching Workshop (etching, aquatint), Druckwerkstatt des BBk, Berlin

Academic studies in Visual Arts (DEUG, Licence, Master), University Strasbourg

High school diploma in Literature with minor in Visual Arts, Lucie Berger High School, Strasbourg

Other competencies

Modeling, woodcarving, numeric and digital photography, desktop publishing tools (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, QuarkXpress), artistic etching (drypoint, etching, aquatint)